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"These videos I've bought from Galxee have helped my business more than anything else in my Advertising campaigns!"

- Dave Stockton, NY

Dave said it best I believe! Our Professional AI Videos For various Social Media Platforms have helped over 100+ clients. That's the best part; you can purchase one, two, or ten of the videos and insert them into your own Ad Campaigns. We even provide a guide/tutorial on how to go about making the videos your top Advertisement online. We do, however, offer you "Campaign Management" Done for you if you just don't have the time or resources to get it done yourself. The fees for Campaign Management for Social Media Advertising vary. We're here to help you through and guide you to make the right decision too. In fact, you may not even be right for us, or we are not right for you. If that is the case then we can refer you to some other really great Agencies, maybe one closer to you even. If you would like to purchase one of the videos for only $97 click the button below. Once purchased you will then need to schedule a "Design Consultation" with us to customize the video you just purchased. And YES, during that consultation we will ask you if you would like us to manage your campaigns or if can you do it yourself. It's ok to say no to us too. No hard feelings. We still provide you with the Social Media Ads 101 tutorial. So, go ahead and order your video now and we will chat soon!

Live Interview


"WOW! These guys made me a celebrity in my hometown with these review commercials! And I'm ranked on Google #2 right now!"

- Frank G, NY

If you're tired of the same old advertising and would like to get more attention for your business, then Review Commercials are for you. These videos are designed to put YOU in the spotlight by showing how YOU work to provide an experience that's worth talking about. With Review Commercials, you'll also get the added benefit of an SEO boost because other businesses will share it to help their customers find out what they need to know.

The Spokes model is interviewing you about your business, speaking directly to your target audience. You are seen as the front line of your business also with clear signage or branding to be seen as well. The Review Commercials are replays on YouTube channels after the live broadcast so they get maximum exposure for you and your enterprise. These are by far the most popular right now and get you the most exposure too. The video is placed on YouTube and immediately ranked because we syndicate it for you so you will rank on Google fast! Order one today for only $297 with the normal price being $997. The discount won't last long so order today by clicking the button below.



From Google: "The algorithm for ranking websites is long and complicated. So, I just say get as many GOOD reviews as possible and you will rank on the first page!"

- Google Developer, San Fran, CA

You're not going to win a popularity contest, but that doesn't mean there's no room for you to succeed. If you need help, we'll help you build your reputation and grow your business.

You can't keep a good thing down. You'll be a hit with the reviews with our Reputation Marketing plan. We'll get you more reviews without you having to do anything! All you have to do is sign up and we take care of the rest. With our expert help, you can get more reviews on your business and increase your popularity by leveraging your reviews.

We get you more reviews. Not fake ones, only the good kind. If it's not good, we'll fix it for you unless it's out of our control. We also get you more business with the good reviews.

Building a good reputation is like building your house on rock. Let us help you get started with your new construction! Schedule your consultation now so we can get you started with our Reputation Marketing program. Only the best for the best! Click the button below.

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